New Age, Meets World Fusion Music…

Stunning New Album “ORIGIN” ByElise Lebec

Musician Elise Lebec has grown up with travel in her blood. From New Zealand to Australia and England back to the states, Elise Lebec has soaked up inspiration from every corner of the globe. Her latest release, ORIGIN, is a sonic interpretation of her spiritual trip to Egypt, the first in a series of adventurous cross-cultural albums under the One World Turning Project umbrella of music, videos and merchandise.

“ORIGIN” is a vibrant New Age/World Fusion album blending Egyptian and western instrumentation and Superb vocals; featuring Elise Lebec with special guest performances by Charlie Bisharat,

Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy and 36 other magnificent musicians.

The album ORIGIN is an energetic, spiritual exploration of combining

ancient instruments and modern sounds to convey Elise Lebec’s unique vision of the challenges facing today’s world. Elise shares her profound personal feeling of awakening and experiences of Egypt in music, and becomes a musical bridge builder of two prominent world cultures.

Using exotic Upper Egyptian instrumentation, her distinctive vocals, and contemporary production techniques as a transcendent connection between East and West, Elise Lebec had created a very unique album that is powerful and compelling listening.

This album is a musical adventure in every track, breathtaking explorations in music of a culture that is often misunderstood in the west. Elise Lebec has captured and created something very special from her interpretations of these New Age & Egyptian World music blended genres.

The cultural richness that is entrenched within the sounds of traditional Egyptian music is something that can be felt within anyone. There is something so raw, spiritual and passionate that spills out from the sounds of this most ancient form of music. One track “Cairo Morning” highlights this blended concept of this album very well by fusing the old and the new. The iconic Egyptian instrumentals are coupled with a man rapping in Arabic whileElise Lebec harmonizes softly in the background.

               Whether you are seeking a musical journey, a spiritual awakening, or just curious to try something new, ORIGIN the New Album from Elise Lebec provides all of the above. With Lebec’s beautiful voice, wonderful Egyptian music, and a powerful message, it is certain to bring meaning into your day.

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By Elise Lebec

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