Into The Mist

New Contemporary Solo Piano · Fiona Joy

“Into the Mist” epitomizes the art of contemporary solo piano recording in today’s music.

This is Fiona Joy’s 2nd solo piano recording on Blue Coast Records where she once again teams up with Cookie Marenco, producer and engineer known for her contributions to the world of audiophile recordings.

Fiona Joy brings calm, delightful, and visual sensations to her unique compositions on

“Into the Mist” Performing solo on an 1885 Steinway grand piano, Fiona Joy’s talent is evident in her control of the instrument.

Her previous solo piano album, Signature – Solo, achieved critical acclaim by topping ZMR radio charts in 2016 and winning the ZMR Award for “Best Solo Piano Album” in 2016.

“Into The Mist” was recorded in the highest digital fidelity possible – a new format called DSD (Direct Stream Digital).

While all formats are available to satisfy every listener — whether discs, downloads or streams, Fiona Joy’s choice to use new recording technologies makes her a pioneer and role model for other musicians to follow.

“The feel of ‘Into the Mist’ brings back the wonderful years of Windham Hill, when I could buy an LP with complete confidence that I was going to love it… Cookie’s mastery in the audio arts is no less than Fiona’s on piano. Together they give us a quiet tour of creative force, without sonic compromise. Brilliant. Lovely.”

— Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback

Fiona Joy’s Brand New Album “Into The Mist”

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Fiona Joy’s Brand New Album “Into The Mist”

Available Right Now!

Including High-Quality Digital Audio!

Blue Coast Records

Blue Coast Records is an independent label that specializes in recording live, acoustic performances by
skilled musicians to high resolution digital formats and analog tape. Founded in 2007 by Grammy Award nominated producer Cookie Marenco, the label strives to capture the best performances in their purest form.

Check Out Fiona’s Video’s ‘Galloping’ &  ‘Through Cloud’

From “Into The Mist” Below!


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