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Timothy Crane – ‘The Fall of A Sparrow’

Timothy Crane is Back with Dazzling New Album!

The Fall Of A Sparrow

Timothy Crane’s website describes his music as instrumental pop music that blends influences from new age, popular, rock, and even classical music into compositions that are both interesting and enjoyable. This would be a very accurate description of this contemporary pianist whose impressive accessible debut solo recording

‘The Other Life I Dream’ was released years ago.

Since then, Timothy Crane has not only avoided the dreaded sophomore jinx but has also continued to create and compose impressive compositions courtesy of 2010’s ‘Dragonfly’ & 2012’s ‘Pianoforte’ Tim is now back with his new album

The Fall of A Sparrow

Timothy Crane’s fourth album, ‘The Fall of a Sparrow’, is quintessential instrumental piano pop. A true mix of simple and complex, of soft and loud, of less and more, designed, as all music does, to trigger a variety of emotions. “If only one piece on the album touches a person’s spirit,” Tim says, “then it’s totally worth it to wrap that piece up with 14 others so that the person can have a meaningful emotional tie to the music.” The intricacy of the piano work is coupled with orchestral arrangements to make each piece stand on its own as a measure of art and human feeling. Each piece is unique, and each uniquely affecting.

Timothy Crane is a piano player, a composer of instrumental piano pieces, and an independent producer of albums designed to bring his music to the world.

He surrounds himself with music every waking hour (and occasionally when he sleeps) and firmly believes that the world would be a better place if we all had individual soundtracks playing as we went about our days. To him, the refrigerator door should open with either an ominous low cello or lilting flutes depending on the quality of the food inside. 

Timothy Crane grew up as a rock and roll piano player, and if you listen hard enough you can sometimes hear him beat on the instrument – a throwback to his days playing in groups that couldn’t afford drummers. His move in 2004 to center stage as a solo pianist and composer is the culmination of years playing in bands, jamming with friends, and practicing in various garages and basements. 

According to Tim, a perfect instrumental piano album is like a great pop album of the 70s or 80s – with some pieces that move you to tears, and others that make you want to drive your car on two wheels, Bond style.

His brand of music is “instrumental pop,” which blends influences from various musical styles to create individual melodies that are distinctive and memorable, linked by a playing style that compels people to pay close attention to his hands. 

He epitomizes the life of the independent musician, creating his music with three other independent musicians in anywhere from one to three basements per CD. Despite this necessarily humble approach to music, his albums have received awesome accolades from the music industry reaching the top of ZMR Charts and Tim was even nominated for Best New Artist and Best Neo Classical Album for his ‘Dragonfly’ album.

His New Album ‘The Fall of A Sparrow’ will delight his existing fans, win new ones and will establish Timothy Crane as one of the most individual and talented pop instrumental musicians around, as Timothy said’…
“he thinks this New Album was among his best work”

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The Fall of A Sparrow

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