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Guitare Mystique

In a castle in ancient times, a magician studies his book of musical spells and imbues an acoustic guitar with magical powers.  This scene is portrayed on the cover of the New Recording, “Guitare Mystique” by Jim Stubblefield, well-known for his guitar playing as a solo artist and with the popular touring and recording group Incendio that he co-founded.

“I enjoy fantasy entertainment in artwork, music, books or movies whether it is swords-and-sorcery, or pulp-era Conan the Barbarian tales, or books and films like Lord of the Rings,” explains Stubblefield.  “So why not incorporate a little of that magic and mystical drama into my music and images?  On the new album sometimes the guitar sounds are straight-forward, but other times I have fun with them by processing, delaying and changing them into something new and different…a little musical alchemy.”

On “Guitare Mystique”, which is French for “mystical guitar,” Jim Stubblefield demonstrates his versatility as an acoustic and electric guitarist, composer and arranger. “Guitare Mystique”features plenty of the Latin-style nylon-string acoustic-guitar-playing that Jim Stubblefield has always been known for on six previous solo albums and eight albums with his group Incendio.

But on the new CD he continues his goal in recent years to stretch out and explore a variety of musical styles and flavors from around the world, not only from many Latin countries on either side of the Atlantic, but also introducing a little Middle Eastern or Arabic here and there, or progressive-rock and neo-classical in other places.

“On my solo albums,” explains Stubblefield, “I compose all the music so I like to explore a variety of musical styles that I am interested in and incorporate diverse elements.  On “Guitare Mystique” I play not only nylon-string guitar, but also some steel-string and electric guitar, sometimes with an Ebow, as well as keyboards and synthesizers.

I also brought in some excellent guest musicians who help take the music in new and exciting directions.  Even though I play guitar on every composition, on some of them I decided to feature the violin or viola playing the main melody or spotlight some female wordless vocalizing.”

On “Guitare Mystique”Jim Stubblefield is joined by Randy Tico (Strunz & Farah, Flora Purim & Airto) on bass, Novi Novog (David Arkenstone, Prince, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa) on viola and violin, Ramon Yslas (Luis Villegas, Strunz & Farah, David Sanborn, Christine Aguilera) on percussion, and Moksha Sommer (a member of the neo-folk and world-rock group HuDost, she has also recorded with Jon Anderson) adding vocals on one song.  Guest performances on one tune each are guitarists Eric Hansen, Stephen Duros and Dan Sistos.

“Guitare Mystique” starts with a series of softer, slower tunes, builds with mid-tempo pieces, and ends with three energetic compositions. Get set for a real magical musical adventure, one fantastic musical journey after the next…simply breathtaking!

This album is one of Jim Stubblefield’s best albums to date!

He weaves his magic delivering a stunning world music album that bridges so many complimentary music genres… this will delight his global followers and introduce a new audience to discover this extraordinary and talented musician.

According to Jim Stubblefield, “On “Guitare Mystique” I wanted to make an album that was different than anything I had ever done before, and I wanted variety including some down tempo stuff, some atmospheric, some textured and a few powerful upbeat pieces.”

Jim Stubblefield has delivered a Guitar Musical Masterpiece!

This Most Highly Recommended & Must Have New Album

by Jim Stubblefield

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