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Since starting and broadcasting Phase Radio almost 5 years ago in Sydney Australia on various radio networks, Phase Radio has become a cult following across the world,

now the time is right to take Phase Radio and transform it into Phase Global Radio.Com – The World’s First Smooth Jazz and So Much More Music Radio Network.

With a passion for all things music and only the best music in the world…At Phase Global Radio We also would love to hear from you wherever you are in the world…Phase Global Radio is always listening

to our audience! We value your comments and thoughts on everything we do, if you would like to make any suggestions please get in contact and let us know.

As a team of music lovers… we also enjoy a good chat too!

Phase Global Radio – for People who love Music by the People who Love Music!

Contributions to PhaseGlobalRadio.Com

PhaseGlobalRadio.Com is not governed or managed by profit seeking shareholders or corporate ownership, this radio platform is operated by Music Lovers for Music Lovers.

If you wish to make a financial contribution to the running of PhaseGlobalRadio.com, Not Only we will say…Thank you! But you’ll also receive recognition on our site if you wish,  plus any of the GIFTS we have listed below according to your contributions.

If you prefer not to be acknowledged as a contributor and simply wish to receive one the contributions supporters packs below, please indicate this when you place your contribution.

We are very grateful for any support given towards our efforts to get the world’s coolest MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE.


Follower Level $25

Get listed at our main page as a Follower, Plus We’ll send you 1 Brand New Smooth Jazz CD/Download or Music of Choice.


Bronze Level Supporter  $50

We’ll send you 2 Brand New Smooth Jazz CDs/Download Or Music of Choice.


Silver Level Supporter $75

We’ll send you 3 Brand New Smooth Jazz CDs/Download Or Music of Choice.


Gold Level Supporter $100

We’ll send you 4 New Smooth Jazz CDs/Download Or Music of Choice.


We’ll can also add a link back to your business or website if you want us to for any of the contributions or support levels above.

Email Paul Mac paul@phase-radio.com with your info..

You can send us a Check/Cheque or Money Order, please make it payable to

Phase Global Radio, P.O. Box 110067, Campbell, CA 95011-0067 USA

Or Text Phase Global Radio for More Donation Support Payment Options +1 415 374 06 26

Phase Global Radio: P.O. Box 112286, Campbell, CA 95011-0067 USA

Phase Global Radio: P.O. Box 3295, Dural, Sydney, Australia, 2158

Phase Global Radio: International Cell +1 415 374 06 26

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